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Welcome to the Black Cathedral, a haven for those seeking knowledge and enlightenment. There are several major deities worshipped throughout New Elenna. All of these deities are allied in one of two groups: Gods of the Wold and Gods of Testing. The Gods of Wold are older, and most people follow them, especially since they are the kinder and more beneficent of the gods. But every god represents a particular ethos or need, and your average citizen pays respect to whichever god governs the need they feel most deeply -- people look for help wherever they can get it, don't you know.

Of course, everyone has their favorites, but they still find time to honor them all. On the other hand, some people feel a special affinity for one or two gods, and consider them to be patrons. Those who have patron deities are most likely to formally join a temple and participate regularly.

There is one god who belongs to both alliances -- Gargul, who we honor here at The Black Cathedral. Just as we have devoted ourselves to the service of the God of Death and Life, we realize that on occasion people feel drawn to devote their life to the service of a particular god. Therefore we have provided information on the priesthood of each of the deities, in case you feel one of the gods calling you. You can explore details including responsibilities, symbol, details on worship, clerics in society, domains allowed, and detailed histories of the gods. Note that none of the gods or powers have alignments.

After the Year of Ascension, each god established sects to advance the issues that most concern them. Those who serve in these sects, making up classes of prestige, are also described herein.

You will also find narrative stories designed to entertain, illustrate, and edify.

We also offer information on the underlying cosmology of the Wold and on the distinctive practices of those who honor Nature, as well as those who honor the Immortal Powers of the Wold who are nonetheless not gods.

Overview of Woldian Spirituality

Check here to see an overview of all the Woldian Gods, and how to play divine characters in the Wold.

The Gods of the Wold


This god is the ruler of the Gods of the Wold. He is responsible for the health and well being of the Noble and Ignoble Races.


This god is the patron of Courage in all its forms. He is the Champion of the Gods of Wold.


This god is the patron of deep love in all its forms. She is responsible for the well being of the families of The Wold.


This god is responsible for all justice in The Wold. He patrons the right of all beings to be heard and listened to fairly before being judged.


Ffloy is the patron of all merchants and responsible labor and work. He strives against those who attempt to become rich and affluent by luck and chance.


This god collects all the souls and spirits of the dead and makes sure that they arrive at the proper plane of resting and do not roam the Wold at will. He also ensures that souls are born and in some cases even reborn in the proper time and place.

The Gods of Testing


This god is the ruler of the Gods of Testing. He strives to bring suffering through disease upon the Noble Races of Wold.


This god is the master of Domination. He believes that the Noble Races ultimately fail because they are imperfect.


This goddess is the patron of everything that is lovely, beautiful and full of passion.


The power and allure of Jancassis is built on that all-powerful desire for vindication -- Revenge -- fire and ice, forged like tempered steel.


Wardd, the god of thieves, is the patron of gambling and the master of luck. What he wants, he takes -- but mostly what he takes are risks!


This god collects all the souls and spirits of the dead and makes sure that they arrive at the proper plane of resting and do not roam the Wold at will. He also ensures that souls are born and in some cases even reborn in the proper time and place. He serves both Pantheons in these tasks.

Immortal Powers

An immortal power is a potent being who is not a god but who is is nonetheless open to veneration and honor. Clerics who honor immortal powers are known as votary clerics, and there are special rules for playing them.

Many immortal powers have a home or special powers in a specific geographic region. An immortal power generally knows about events in its region, and can answer divination spells (such as Commune) more effectively when asked about their region. Sometimes immortal powers manifest in unusual ways in their region. They must rely on their clerics and bloodwitch allies to learn about events and areas outside their realms.

Most immortal powers have only two or three domains. Minor powers have just one. Eberyon is an exception with five, because the Fey King used all four elements to create the Wold's Cradle.

Note that the following is not the full list of immortal powers available in the Wold. If you are interested in a power not listed here, please visit the Black Genie Center.


King of the Fey, Creator of the Wold's Cradle


Queen of the Fey, Ruler of the Vales of Twilight in the center of the Lands of Rest

The Culverwood

The sentient magical forest in the middle of the Elennian Peninsula

The Crones of the South

Strange women who seek to guide the migrations and events of the Southern Continent


A mad sleeping demigod trapped in his own dreams.

Burfell and Vé-Eldfjöll

Sentient mountains and enemies, lawful and chaotic, respectively. They are just becoming aware the other even exists at this time. They are opposites in nearly every way.

Celsiun: The original Power of Ice Vein

One of the original creations of Eberyon. An immortal fey and part of Eberyon's original royal Court.


The embodiment of the living plains of the Southern Continent.


A spirit who offers mourners the comfort of knowing that death leads to life in a natural cycle.

Natural Philosophy


The Realm of Shadows and the Lands of Rest: the hidden secrets of the Wold.


Streams of a red, pulsating liquid exist in the Shadow Lands; it is the very essence of creation, and can can bestow great power. But in careless hands it can be terribly dangerous.

Shadow Tale

A tale of the Shadow Lands.

Creation Tale

A tale of how the Wold came to be.


Nature in the Wold, far from being dormant and neutral as most worlds are, is in fact semi -- aware and filled with either good or evil magic. In a similar manner, druids are strongly aligned either with good or evil. While it is possible to strive for neutrality, most druids find this task neither rewarding nor attainable; good will battle evil in a constant struggle for supremacy.

Druidic Circles

Woldian Druids group together in Circles. Here are details of several key Druidic Circles.

Druid Feats

Druid Prestige Classes

Some druids become specialists -- experts in one elemental form (like Air or Water), in a particular environment (like jungle or desert), or in a specific region (like Culverwood or The Cursed Swamp). Others stray even further afield into highly specialized study: the study of monsters, of plants, or of changes in shape.


There is quiet power and joy to be found in all living things that are green and growing. Those who study and shepherd plants and trees can learn their slow secrets. The greenmage knows those secrets, and they are the foundation of his magic.


Some natural philosophers believe that the essence of nature is change: night into day, new moon to full moon, beaver pond to meadow to forest, caterpillar to butterfly. Shapeshifters are the embodiment of this philosophy -- they advocate the idea of nature as the essential agent of transmutation.


Monstrologers give the needs and interests of monsters primacy over those of their own kind.

Allowed Domains

Note that in the Wold, a Devoted Cleric must choose two of his or her god's domains. A Votary Cleric must choose one of the domains of the immortal power he or she honors. And a Pantheon Devotee must choose two of the core Pathfinder domains, but not Wold-Specific Domains. A druid may choose a domain for his or her Nature's Bond, per the core rules. A Woldian Witch, called a Bloodwitch, must choose one of the domains of his or her god or immortal allied power.

List of Domains by God

List of Domains by Name of Domain

More details on Votary, Devoted, and Pantheon Devotee Clerics.