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Welcome to Woldipedia!

Please feel free to wander about, and to make changes that improve the site. We used to be open to any user, but the spambots were killing us, so currently only Woldians with a login may make changes. If you are a Woldian, then please do add content as well. Contact your DM for more information.

Any questions, click on the discussion tab and ask them there. We'll be checking recent changes, and will see when a change has been made to a discussion or main page. We'll assume any addition to a discussion page is a request for help.

Woldipedia was an idea that came from Carl, one of our members from England, to better organize our campaign material, which was getting to be unmanageable with standard Web page design. Enjoy the campaign material. We ask that you give us credit for any material you find here that you choose to use.

The Wold has a particular flavor, that we work hard to maintain. For one thing, all player characters in the Wold are of good alignment. For another, one of the highest achievements a Woldian character can attain is induction as a Hero of the Dragon Consortium. You might think of the Wold in terms of U.S. movie ratings. The Wold is rated:

G for romance, sex, and language

PG for violence

PG-13 for thoughtful grappling with ethical dilemmas

Our membership includes kids 13 and older who are mature enough to post every day. Therefore we do not include any "R" rated content in the Wold.

What is The Wold?
Woldian Games
The Wold is a Pathfinder Core Rules campaign world. All of the Woldipedia content is created to be a part of our online games in this campaign setting. All the campaigns listed in the games section take place in this shared campaign world. Currently we offer some 10 ongoing campaigns in various corners of the Wold Campaign Setting. All DMs, programmers, staffers, and players are volunteers. Basically, we're an online gaming club of about 70 great folk from every continent and walk of life.
The campaign originated in 1985 and was authored by Jerry Phelps for his local D&D game in Wichita Falls, Texas. That game is still going strong and the local group gathers weekly to play and socialize. The Wold campaign setting went online in 1996. Our first location was located on free AOL pages and was very primitive. We adapted a little "guestbook" program, changing it into message boards. Later, we graduated to java-programmed message boards, thanks to one of our players who is a computer programmer. (all hail "Jus"!) Here is more Woldian campaign history.
Join us
If you want to learn more or join the Wold, email our fearsome leader at gericko@gmail.com.
Latest Notes
A Pathfinder Game.
The Wold migrated to the Pathfinder Core rules set as of 1/1/2011, and added the Advanced Players Guide content (with a few revisions) later that year. And then removed the Advanced Player Guide content a year later at the end of the year 2012. Other Paizo and third-party options for Pathfinder are not used in the Wold. Please note the following rules were used for adapting the Wold to the Pathfinder APG: APG Notes
Getting started as a wiki editor
Useful Websites
Pathfinder Online The single most useful website for the Woldian player. The entire contents of your Core Rulebook (almost) on a handy easily searchable website. Invaluable, bookmark it now.