A Message From Jerry


I am Gericko and I have the privilege of being the one to originate this campaign back in the Spring of 1985. 

I welcome you to The Wold and to our website. Many creative and loyal players have contributed to The Wold over the years. I ask that you respect our ‘creation’ and keep my name attached to any portions you choose to use or develop just as we do the same for our sources. 

We hope you enjoy this homegrown campaign world (originally D&D and now Pathfinder). It has definitely become very special to us. 

We, of course, owe TSR, Wizards of the Coast and Paizo Publishing a debt we cannot repay and have liberally incorporated their products and ideas into The Wold. Our desire is that when you see their products in our campaign world, you will see their value and be influenced to purchase them and receive the enjoyment from them that we have over the years. 

Live Well, 


An Introduction to the Site

The Woldian Games site is broken up into a number of Resource Pages (details about the geography, history and Gods of the Wold, a list of character descriptions etc) and Games themselves. We have long term Career Games and short term Tapestry Games. At last count Woldian Games had 9 seperate full time games on the go with around 100 players. There are also several out of character chat boards, temporary game boards, a shop and much more.

You are welcome to come on in and look around. Learn about the Wold, follow one or more of the games (some will have restricted access unless you are a Woldian Games member, but most are freely available to view). If you like what you see you can apply to join us. The site is entirely free. There is no tryout or application. If we have a space available you can join. We've found that those players who stay are the ones who would have passed any application or tryout anyway. So we let the players weed themselves out or remain to become a permanent player.

So come on in, have a look around, and if you like what you see, join in! You'll quickly find this is the friendliest online gaming community you'll find anywhere.


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