The Games

Career Games:

Ongoing 10 year games, taking players from 1st level to 20th.

Hook City
  The Great Migration of the Southern Continent has barely subsided, and Hook City is already back to conducting business as usual. Do our heroes have what it takes to rise up from the muck of Mudtown to gain fame and fortune in Hook City?
Keepers of the Vale
  Cinnamon Valley is one of the most fertile places in the Wold. And in recent years, the defeat of Royd the Jarl, Parnoth the Emerald, and the Sons of Dread, anyone would think that the farmers and townsfolk are ready for a golden age. And yet, there is still them need for heroes!
  The dregs of the noble races have washed up in Bonetown, a failed colony now home to dealers in booty, plunder, and worse. Can a band of privateer adventurers reform the foulest den of piracy on the Woldian seas?
Humbles Ford
  Having met in Humble's Ford in a competition for young halflings, these young adventurers are seeking their fortune in the wild lands that surround their homeland of Crescent Valley.
Humbles Ford
  The Agents of the Fist work for the Mailed Fist mercenary organization. Out to make a name for themselves, they aim to show the Wold that mercenaries are far more effective than glory-seeking adventurers.
The Tree of Parting
  Founded in ancient tragedy, the Tree of Parting is a safe haven in a dangerous land. The Tree itself is considered by many to be one of the Wonders of the Wold. It is known far and wide for being one of the few places where one can be considered truly safe! It is so huge that several entire buildings have been constructed in its branches.
Crescent Moons Trading Company
  Despite its infamous reputation, there are good people in Dirt City. They just have to be really, really careful.
Lakeview Passage
  In a time of change and challenge, the Floating City is facing troubles that only heroes can resolve. Follow a group of new adventurers through Lakeview Passage, emerging as heroes of the Float!
Taur Isles
  In an archipelago not many years removed from open warfare, the three taur races -- minotaur, liontaur, and centaur -- are figuring out how to set aside their ancient animosities. On Liontaur Isle a band of young adventurers has found the perfect place to set forth on the path to fame and fortune.


Giggling Ghost and Tapestry Games:

Short one-off adventures all starting in the Wold-famous Giggling Ghost Inn.

Discussion Boards:

A variety of OOC boards for chat, debate and fun.