The Games

Discussion Boards:

A variety of OOC boards for chat, debate and fun.

LnB   This board is where all the players of the Wold may gather and post out of character concerning things Woldian as well as things Earthly. We have found that this board has helped us to create that all-important sense of community that is necessary for great gaming. And people in great gaming groups also become great friends.
Catacombs   The Catacombs is the ultimate in magical item shopping. At it's central location in Plateau City near Adventurer's Square in Dragon Quarter, it claims to be able to handle ANY magical need. If the item is out there, they can find it ... for a price.
Black Genie   The full name of this institution is: The Black Genie Center for Arcane, Divine and Psychic Reseach! The objective of our staff is to help Woldians research that unique item, spell or prestige class that they'd like to create. Enter freely and unafraid--avail yourself of the wisest minds and the smartest sages in the Wold in your quest to be unique!
Lynn's Cafe   Come on in, grab a cup of java and join in the debate here in Lynn's Cafe. Whether you want to rage about the state of world politics or argue the relative merits of rice pudding, this is the place to do it.
Rules Center   The Rules Center is a place for discussion and questions about the rules.
Pathfinder   The Pathfinder area is a place for discussion and questions about the Migration to the Pathfinder d20 system.

Career Games:

Ongoing 10 year games, taking players from 1st level to 20th.

Giggling Ghost and Tapestry Games:

Short one-off adventures all starting in the Wold-famous Giggling Ghost Inn.