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Please Read This Note on the history and use of these pages. Back in the day, our original wiki software let us restrict who saw what pages. The entirety of this "DM Resources" section of the wiki was created with the intention that only DMs (not players) would read it. However, the latest version of the wiki software we use no longer offers this functionality. Now any user can read these pages.

That said, the Powers That Be of the Wold encourage players to tread here very lightly, if at all. Why spoil your Woldian experience by reading things you should better find out in game? Instead, if you want to know the secrets of the Wold, explore them in your game, or just ask on our out-of-character boards. There are always people interested in talking about the roots of the Wold.

Thanks, and enjoy!

DM Game Pages

Game bibles and DM-only info on the games that can't be held in the standard Game pages.

DM Geography Pages

Secret locations, hidden places

DM History Pages

The secret history of the Wold

DM Spirituality Pages

Secret information on the Gods, the Powers and their followers

DM Races Information

Useful info about the races of the Wold

DM Classes Pages

Got a secret PrC you want to spring on your players? Want to show off great builds you've created using Woldian PrCs or classes that your fellow DMs might be able to use? That means you, Cayzle :-) Pop them in here.

DM Monsters/Creatures

Any monsters used that might be used again.

DM Feat, Spell and Item Pages

What it says on the tin

DM Organization Pages

There's some really nasty stuff in here

DM Rules and Resources Pages

DM guidelines, rules, resources and hidden Woldian boards. Lots of invaluable information and handy links in here.

Player Related Information

Companions and Cohort registrations and other such things.