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There are many games in the Wold, both past and present. This lists them all; past events, current events, characters, NPCs, maps. Come on in and find out everything you need to know about any one of our games. For a look back at the way the Wold has evolved, check out our Game history.

Each game has a summary section. Please update this with a recent precis of what your game is, and what's going on. Please keep it brief, and don't list the participating characters. The individual game page will cover that.

Current Games

Hook City

After being relocated by the Great Migration, Hook City is open for business as usual. The heroes start at the very bottom of Hook City society and work their way up from the muck of Mudtown, trying to distinguish themselves from the hundreds of other mercenary wannabes. Do these heroes have what it takes to go from rags to riches in the Southern Continent's City of Magic?

Keepers of the Vale

Cinnamon Valley is one of the most fertile places in the Wold. And in recent years, the defeat of Royd the Jarl, Parnoth the Emerald, and the Sons of Dread, anyone would think that the farmers and townsfolk are ready for a golden age. And yet, there is still them need for heroes!


Under twin volcanoes on Pearl Island, at the site of an abandoned colony, pirates, freebooters, black market traders have set up a lawless and violent sanctuary — Bonetown.

Humble's Ford

Humble’s Ford is the middle of the three towns in Crescent Valley. No longer the center of trade for the “Biguns” [Monstrous Humanoids of the Red Hills] or the “Really Biguns” [Giants and Giantkind from the Scab], it has instead become the center of the various divine and arcane arts for the region, among other unacceptable pastimes. Anything too dangerous for the larger township of Angel Springs or not traditional enough for Hovel ends up in Humble’s Ford. The old phrase, “Be it ever so humble” has a totally different meaning when applied to Humble’s Ford by the rest of the Crescent Valley. Here it means the opposite: brash, adventurous, bold, and unseemly.

Agents of the Fist

Adventurers or mercenaries? The heroes of this game set out to show the difference.

Tree of Parting

Halfway between the Emerald Kingdom and the Kingdom of New Elenna sits the Tree of Parting. Founded in ancient tragedy, now it is a safe haven in a dangerous land.

Crescent Moons Trading Company

Despite its infamous reputation, there are good people in Dirt City. They just have to be really, really careful.

Lakeview Passage

In a time of change and challenge, the Floating City is facing troubles that only heroes can resolve. Follow a group of new adventurers through Lakeview Passage, emerging as heroes of the Float!

Taur Isles

In an archipelago not many years removed from open warfare, the three taur races -- minotaur, liontaur, and centaur -- are figuring our how to set aside their ancient animosities. On Liontaur Isle a band of young adventurers has found the perfect place to set forth on the path to fame and fortune.

Giggling Ghost / Tapestry Games

Tapestry games are short term games that usually last from one to three months, although some have run longer. Players may bring existing PCs to the game, or variations on existing PCs, or even characters newly created for the game. The same DM starts and finishes the Tapestry game. They feature a wide variety of settings, characters, and even worlds and rulesets. This is a way for players to have a second or even a third player character.

The Giggling Ghost

In character, The GG is the “Happy Hunting Grounds” for all adventurers in The Wold. Adventurers dead and alive can gather there in their dreams to congregate, party, and enjoy themselves. Out of Character (OOC), the GG is an in-character board where PCs from every game can post together building community for PCs role-play: relaxing, socializing, compete in games and contests, and participate in scenarios/modules within the inn.

Retired Games

Eventually all good things must end. When the greatest heroes of the Wold reach the ultimate level of power, it is time to stand down and retire. But even then, we honor the greatest heroes of the Wold, who have survived to reach level 20 or even 21. Please read the history of the wold as written by the heroes of the Dragon Consortium, and also by other notable heroes who made a mark on the Wold.

Platinum Dragons

Previously known as the Storm and Gold Dragons. Witness the greatest heroes of the Wold, together at last! The Storm Dragons and the Gold Dragons joined forces to form the Platinum Dragons, the most powerful adventuring group in the Wold! Follow the legendary exploits of Valdor Dragonstone, Dahlia, Corialote, Myrridan the Wild, Gareth, Tericus, Mordrid the Bounty Hunter, Onrad and Father Nicholas Valentine as they face perils beyond imagination.

Emerald Dragons

Previously known as the Emerald Talons, this group of heroes became Dragons of the highest order. The Emeralds gained reknown forever by slaying the tyrannical Parnoth, evil ruler of the Emerald Kingdom, but at great cost. Then they went on to build a lasting legacy as true heroes of the Wold.

The Gray Knights

From a humble start in the Windhorn Hamlet, this group of heroes had many adventures around the Wold, battling the Sons of Dread, even visiting the dangerous forgotten realm of Fae Skiemir and foiling the plans of a master lich.

Children of Chaos

North meets South in the first Woldian game of the Southern Continent. Marked with the symbol of the Chaos Bell, these adventurers -- some from New Elenna, some from Heranmar and Hook City -- discovered the lost secrets of the Southern Continent and changed the fate of the Southern Continent's chaotic cycle of great migrations.

Blackbird Lake

South of the Culverwood and Cinnamon Valley, east of Aisildur, west of Dirt City, the Blackbird Lake region was home to refugees from all of those places. But a gang of heroes from diverse backgrounds became a force for good there, shepherding refugees to safety, defeating liches that threatened the area, and finally retiring in glory at the end of a wide-ranging career.

Concluded Games

Alas, at times the number of active players drops too low, or for some other reason a game ends before reaching level 20. Sometimes the game merges to make another, such as how Dirt City merged with Swords of Redemption and Swords of Light to make Blackbird Lake. Sometimes a game just fades away, as did the Chosen of Domi, and perhaps a couple heroes move on to other games. But even when a game concludes too soon, the details of that game are saved for posterity.


Set on one of the smaller islands near the "Big Island" on the Southern Yrthian Island Chain, the area is mostly unexplored. The city of Rum is rapidly building to be the gateway to the West. And there are many interests in Rum and many mysteries in the neighboring islands and waters...

Legacy of Heroes

Follow the adventures of The Vanguard, a newly-formed group of adventurers in Plateau City.


Cthonia, sometimes called the Thunderlands, is a sheltered and mostly unexplored land. Located on what is commonly called the Eastern Arm of the Continent of Yrth, it falls between The Scab to the west and the Crying Woods to the east. It was mostly avoided as "too dangerous for civilized folks." Until recently.

The Forged

It is not forbidden to travel the Scab, though, as it was in the 4th Age. However, the dwarves warn such folk advising with these words: “Beware traveler, and show respect. For the waterfall you bathe in is a sacred place and home to a sacred demon. So state your respect. Say your racial or religious litanies. Leave offerings of respect. For these sites are sacred earth, water, fire, and air" ... (The Forged old link.)

Ust Delmah

The story of how a small band of Surface Drow, of the House of Bralfah, learned to survive and thrive, making a new home in the Wold above.

The Crimson Shields of Hope

Previously known as Floating City. Welcome, travelers, to the most progressive city in The Wold! Access to the Floating City is only possible via teleportation. The City floats on the surface of a great lake that, until recently, no one had placed on a map of the known Wold. On arrival, feel free to purchase a tour guide to show you around the "Big Float." It is a "vertical" city with six levels. The tour begins on the top level and works down.

The Bloodpack

Previously known as the Sargrass Plains. The wildest game in the Wold. This one is set in the wild Sargrass Plains of the Southern Continent. This wild bunch is known as the Bloodpack.

Plateau City

Some call Plateau City the most marvelous city in the Wold. Certainly, the Capital of New Elenna is a center of civilization and home to some of the most powerful people you will ever meet!

Dirt City

The grimiest game in the Wold, Dirt City is a Rogues' paradise. Well, it was until everyone swore to be nicer to each other ... but how long can they keep that up?

Ice Vein

This game is based in the mysterious frozen land of Ice Vein. Newly discovered in the Southern Continent, this region is home to a magic city, barbarian tribes and secrets yet to be discovered.

Swords of Redemption

Read about life on the bounding main with our young party of heroes. Voluntary members of the Pirates of Jack, they sail the seas in search of ways to cripple the shipping lines of the puppet government of Aisildur that serves the mind-controlling god, Ga'al. Read about them quickly because tomorrow they will probably be dead.

Swords of Light

Previously known as Cinnamon Valley. In the Cinnamon Valley of the Windborne Hills, the defeat of Jarl the Giant by Storm and Gold Dragons has inspired new bands of adventurers from near and far. Here are the tales of one of those bands: Andrath, Arminus, Bralin, Harvest Moon, Lorth, Merryn, Villemus and Ashalan.

Crescent Valley

In a valley surrounded by the Enchanted Culverwood, the monster-infested Red Hills, and the Notoriously Dangerous Scab, peaceful halflings dwell. Well, they used to be peaceful, until this group came along!

Chosen of Domi

The Chosen of Domi campaign spotlights the Taur races -- the Centaurs, Minotaurs and even the Lion-taurs called Wemics! The disparate group strives to prove to the splintered peoples of the Taur Isles that they all can, indeed, work together for the greater good of not just the Taurs, but the entire Wold.

Fort Silence

This game takes place in the Wine Region of New Elenna. Full of conspiracy theories and secret societies, this game is designed to challenge some of our most veteran players!

Sunrise song

Heroes from all over the Wold have mysteriously appeared in Cinnamon Valley. Why? Not the Heroes nor the Pitchfork Council know why, and the heroes are determined to stay in the Valley and find out a reason. While here, the Pitchfork Council has provided a Tower and a home for these orphaned heroes.

The Uncharted Lands

The Wold's newest game is the story of a company of adventurers who seek to establish a new colony, called Bryn Baraz, located in the uncharted lands. Heroic deeds await, as well as the wealth of trade routes and new mines! This game merged with Making of a Hero to make Uncharted Heroes.

Making of a Hero

Only extraordinary people can become adventurers. Only extraordinary adventurers can become heroes. In this game, a group of adventurers from Cinnamon Valley undertake a quest that will test the limits of their skills--and their hearts. Do they have what it takes to become heroes? This game merged with Uncharted Lands to make Uncharted Heroes.