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Cleric Domains

In addition to the standard clerical domains, there are several domains specific to the Wold:

  • Disease Domain
  • Domination Domain
  • Fey Domain
  • Giving Domain
  • Hunting Domain
  • Insight Domain
  • Trade Domain
  • Venom Domain

All of these are documented on the Wold-Specific Domains page.

Bard Spells

Cleric Spells

Cradled Spells

  • Summon Fey Friend (Cradled 1 through 9) conjuration (summoning): Summons magical, elemental, or fey creature to fight for you.

Druid Spells

Paladin Spells

Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Blood Witch Spells

BloodWitch spells can be scribed into spells and placed into wands and and staves, but when triggered/activated, the user must make a ley line check for a 10% chance of failure (there is no chance of a beneficial result, and a witch cannot bend ley lines to help mitigate this chance of failure). Potions have no chance of failure. The cost for scribing a scroll follows the standard formula of level of the spell × the creator's caster level × 25 gp.

  • Clean Blood (Blood Witch 0) transmutation - Cleans blood from a weapon or from a creature so that the bloodwitch can cast arcane spells.
  • Witch's Tool (Blood Witch 1) conjuration (summoning) - like the bard's Summon Instrument, this spell calls a tiny or small cauldron or a glass dagger that lasts 24 hours.
  • Like Calls To Like (Blood Witch 2) divination - gives an insight bonus to dealings with hermits, outsiders, outcasts, aliens, recluses, monstrologers, etc.
  • Flying Broom (Blood Witch 3) transmutation - Like a longer duration Fly, but you have to keep a hand on your broom and you are less maneuverable.
  • Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog (Blood Witch 4) transmutation - A spell to gather and preserve components for Tinkering. One use: You could cast it on someone, and if they fail a save, a bit of hair or scale or skin appears in your hand.
  • Lesser Immortal Summons (Blood Witch 5) conjuration (summoning) - A summoning spell to bring a lesser minion of the witch's allied immortal. Lasts one minute per level.
  • Meddle (Blood Witch 6) enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting] - a spell to penalize die rolls that lasts until the penalty actually makes a difference.
  • Greater Immortal Summons (Blood Witch 7) conjuration (summoning) - A summoning spell to bring a greater minion or lesser minions of the witch's allied immortal.
  • Forbidden Spray (Blood Witch 8) conjuration (creation) - The witch opens a portal at a ley line, which manifests as an instantaneous spray of Woldsblood into the Wold itself.
  • Forbidden Rain (Blood Witch 9) conjuration (creation) - Creates a rain of Woldsblood that falls in an area for a round per level.

Blood Witch Spells - Rituals

BloodWitch rituals may not be made into scrolls, potions, staves, or wands.