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The Wold does not have an official privacy policy, but here are a few informal "policies," so to speak.

We do keep track of wiki editors by username or IP address so that when you make a change, we know that it was you who made it.

We also keep track of who has posted to our message boards. We also track of all dice rolls made with our online die roller as well as message board post deletions (to deter cheating).

We expect our users to tell us their first and last names and that they are over 17, or if age 13-17, that we may communicate with parents and guardians in order to get permission to play.

We do make the complete e-mail list of our members available to the membership so that we can communicate to each other via e-mail.

We do not keep track of users for any other reason.

We do not give or sell any information about our users to any third party, public or private.