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Core Feats

All feats from the Pathfinder Core are used in the Wold, with the following exceptions (due to the nature of online play):

  • Improved Initiative
  • Great Cleave
  • Step Up
  • Hero's Fortune
  • Lookout
  • Sidestep
  • Sidestep, Improved

We also allow the use of all monster feats from the Pathfinder Beastiary, which are available to player characters who meet the requirements, with an exception for Craft Construct, which is not allowed.

Woldian Feats

Brahmah's Tattoos

Allows the creation of magical tattoos containing divine spells up to 3rd level.

Coalesce Spells

Let's a caster combine two spell slots into one, more powerful spell.

Combat Shooting

You are better at shooting on the defensive.

Defensive Shooting

You can shoot on the defensive.

Forest Walking

Bonuses to woodland craft based upon being born in one of the Wold's magical forests, such as the Culverwood.

Gillan's Fast Forge Time

With the Reformation of the Fey King, access to his home dimension, the Wold's Cradle, has gotten a lot easier. Some creators of magical items have learned how to enter a pocket into the Cradle, where time moves more quickly. This allows faster creation of magic items, because time flows differently in the Cradle.

Heirloom Item

You have a lucky object that brings you a bonus to saving throws.

House Odds

You can sneak attack and crit creatures that are usually immune to those attacks -- sometimes.

Improved Natural Spell Specialization

Rangers and Druids are able to cast certain spells with even greater power.

Improved Share Spells

Characters can share spells from any class they possess with their bonded companions; a caster can share a spell's duration with a companion.

Improved Sniping

You are skilled at hiding after sniping

Improved Wildshape

You can wildshape as if one level higher in a single wildshaping class, increasing all factors of wildshape.

Natural Spell Specialization

Rangers and Druids are able to cast certain spells with great power.

Speedy Slinger

You can reload your sling more quickly than most slingers.


Traits are no longer allowed in the Wold, including Woldian Traits. For informational and historic value only, click here for the now illegal Woldian Traits.