Celsiun: The original Power of Ice Vein

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Who is he

Name: Celsiun

Title: Köld Evinnerlig (Cold Everlasting)

Realm of Interest: Ice

Geographic Region

Throughout Ice Vein.


Celsiun can alter his appearance at will, but most often he moves across the land of Ice Vein as a human male. Standing at 7’ and weighing close to 450 pounds. His broad chest and shoulders are kept in symmetry by equally powerful arms and legs. His skin is fair, his eyes seem a liquid blue and shimmer with flecks of white. His platinum hair is very long and falls halfway down his back. His features are more angular than square and lend themselves to his fey origins. He has a sleek nose that turns just at the tip, high cheek bones and angular chin. He dresses in pure white furs of the Ice Cats and great bears of the land. The furs consist of a thick waist coat with separate hooded cloak. Mitten-like gloves, pants and knee high boots.

Holy Symbol


Worship Holy Days

Summer and Winter Solstice and the Autumn and Spring Equinox


Men are weak an inherent imperfection of mortality. This weakness causes them to fail. The worthy and strong will thrive and continue. The weak will not.

Gifts for Clerics

"Gift of Cold" -- A votary cleric of Celsiun gains Endure Elements with respect to the cold and cold resistance equal to twice his cleric level. At first level that means the cleric can easily survive in Ice Vein, even lightly clad, without fear of the cold.

Level of power



Water, Weather

Favored Weapon

Longspear -- Clerics liken their spears to giant icicles, and even may have magical spears with icicle heads.

Legend and Relationships

One of the original creations of Eberyon. A fey of near perfection and upon what Eberyon based nearly all of his other fey creations. Thus he is and always has been immortal. Celsiun was of the original royal court and has transcended to the level of Power in the Wold over the Ages. He now wields great power and has a fairly significant region on the Southern Continent where he has great influence. This area is called The Ice Vein in the common tongue.

Celsiun eventually left the court of Eberyon and journeyed across the void to the Living Wold. He did this when the Cradle and the Wold were still close together, in near juxtaposition and the journey was as one would cross a street. Celsiun was intrigued by the shorter lived races. Their drive and ingenuity fascinated him, while their perceptions from a finite life amused him. While he was gone, Eberyon was put to sleep by Maab and others and with that act, the Cradle was pulled from the Living Wold to sleep as well. Celsiun found himself trapped and cut off from Eberyon and all others of the court.

The First Age ended with a titanic battle between the Gold Dragons and the Gods of Yore causing The Jericho to elevate Alemi, Domi and others. This became the new Pantheon, The Gods of Wold. During this struggle, an unprecedented amount of power was released as the battle raged and the Gods of Yore died. Celsiun was fey, he cared little for the gods of Yore or the heroes or the result of their battle, but the energies released gave him hope. Celsiun after all, was first and foremost a fey loyal to Eberyon. He saw this energy as a possible way for him to open a rift back to the Cradle and learn of what happened to Eberyon. Absorbing as much as he dared without being noticed by the combatants, he flees to the ‘Vague Lands’. From here he uses some of his new power to open a portal to the Cradle and finds Eberyon sleeping. Mistakenly thinking Eberyon’s wedding ring is actually one of The Rings of Ascension, Celsiun takes it with the thought to awaken his lord with its power. The Portal, though, closes and pulls him back to the Wold before he can attempt to use the ring and thus he does not realize his mistake that the ring is, for all intents and purposes, just a ring. Still believing the ring to be such a powerful item, Celsiun fled to the ‘Vague Lands and secreted the ring deep under a great mountain. To prevent any of his kind from finding it, he casts mighty spells of warding and illusion to mask it from the fey and subsequently the natural order of the Wold. He also ‘collects’ and places powerful guards of the undying within the temple. There the ring would have to remain until Celsiun could devise a way back to Eberyon’s side.

The energies he had captured had transformed him and Celsiun was now more than a noble fey, he was a Power. The ‘Vague Land’ in which he sat became revealed during the latter half of the 2nd Age as Celsiun willed the barrier lifted. The land about him, as the Living Wold is wanted to do, begin to take on the personality and temperament of Celsiun. The temperature dropped, ice formed and the area that would be called Ice Vein was revealed. Throughout the second half of the 2nd Age, it was explored, tested and settled by noble and ignoble races both.

As the lands about him were settled, Celsiun’s fascination for these short lived creatures returned and he began to reveal himself in signs and to whisper to those who might listen across the icy winds of the tundra and high mountain peaks. Over the centuries those dwelling in this land began to seek him out for wisdom and they began listening and trying to understand. His lord might be in slumber, but perhaps these short lived mortal creatures he had been amused by for so long could be taught and the stories and traditions of the Fey would thus live on. Thus, Celsiun made pacts and covenants with the peoples and began teaching them

Celsiun could be considered Neutral. Eberyon created him with the gifts of cold and snow and ice. He believes the strong survive and the weak perish and thus the whole becomes stronger over time. The icy lands of the Ice Vein show these gems and bury the rest. Life and Death hold little thought for him, it is a concept that still eludes him for the most part. It is not that he does not care for mortals, he simply feels they are weak for the most part. It is this inherent imperfection, this weakness that causes them to die or fail. Thus he carries no pity for them. The worthy and strong will thrive and continue. The weak will not. The Ice Vein is not his, but he considers himself the overseer and sometimes still moves across the land. When he does, the storms are terrifyingly beautiful to behold. Many have found their will flee, as they stand stricken by the beauty of the oncoming storm.

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