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Named for the orcish word meaning “Sandwich,” this land is “sandwiched” between Blackbird Forest and New Elenna on the west and east, and between the Culverwood and the sea on the north and south. Not claimed by any principality, it has filled with demikind and monsters of every description. These beings flourish here breeding and interbreeding. Several have attempted to unify this vast evil talent pool for their needs.

Most notable of these was Uzz, a minotaur who used the Orb of Igall to control vast numbers of demikind. However, before he could do more than win a few battles over the Elennian cavalry, legend has it that he demanded more and more from the orb and that the orb sucked the life energy from Uzz to protect itself.

A more subtle attempt was made by Ruxuldam, an exiled master thief. He built a city for demikind called Dirt City where he hoped to civilize them. The creatures liked the lifestyle so much that they refused to form an army and attack as Rux the Damned wished because they didn't consider it 'civilized'.

Izen, except for minor changing “safe-pockets”, is a land convoluted with chaos, evil, monsters, and above all extreme danger. Travelers should avoid the area and caravans traveling between New Elenna and places west should travel armed and prepared, and should consider a northerly route.

East Izen is known for its hordes of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears. The land there is harsh, and the goblinoids have been known to resort to cannibalism.

West Izen is not as bleak as East Izen, and that it supports huge herds of bison, wild horses, gazelles, etc. Up north a ways, some say unicorns emerge into Izen from the Culverwood from time to time when they feel like running for miles and miles. Some griffins nest in the Culverwood but hunt wild horses in Izen.

West Izen features many tribes of orcs -- many mounted nomads -- who roam and hunt. The tribes range in size from a handful of orcs to hundreds. Each has a totem creature that gives the tribe a name. The most bloodthirsty take the names of evil creatures and predators, like the Wolverine Tribe and the notorious Devil Tribe. Others of note are the Lion Tribe and the Panther Tribe. There is a tribe who has been known to trade rather than ravage called the Griffin Tribe, and even rumors of a neutral-to-good tribe called the Unicorn Tribe. This writer considers these last fabrications and fairy tales. Yet all of the tribes occasionally meet to tradeon neutral ground at the Tears of the Wood Inn.

There is a caravan trail along the coast from New Elenna to Dirt City to Acid City in Aisildur. Halfway along the trail between Dirt City and Aisildur is a small inn run by a family of less-evil-than-usual goblins -- The inn is actually more like a small fort or complex. It is build into the side of a hill set back about 500 feet from the road. There is a stockade fence surrounding the complex, and a gate in the fence. A visitor will know that this is The Goblin's Rest, because of the signs on either side of the gate -- of a sleeping goblin. The words "Goblins Rest" on one, and "Goblin's Rests" on the other, make it even plainer. There is usually a banner slung across the top of the gate -- "Merchants Welkome!"


Rumor has it there are more "civilized" orcs who have a new leader in central Izen, who's trying to give them an identity. His folk are keen to get their hands on the horses and appear to treat them well enough.

There is also a rumor that a gnome village is hidden in the wooded hills southwest of Dirt City.