List of Domains by God

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As of 15 August 2011, info on this page supersedes all other domain info, especially that on individual god's pages.

Gods of the Wold

  • Alemi: Healing, Good, Artifice, Nobility, Protection
  • Domi: Protection, Strength, War, Artifice
  • Flower: Community, Healing, Giving*, Good
  • Pantheon: Law, Knowledge, Insight*, Community
  • Ffloy: Rune, Protection, Trade*, Knowledge
  • Gargul: Travel, Repose, Darkness, Insight*, Glory

Gods of Testing

  • Marteaus: Death, Destruction, Evil, Disease*, Magic
  • Ga'al: Community, Law, War, Domination*
  • Caeroldra: Magic, Chaos, Charm, Luck
  • Jancassis: Trickery, Hunting*, Venom*, Liberation
  • Wardd: Luck, Liberation, Madness, Chaos
  • Gargul: Travel, Repose, Darkness, Insight*, Glory

Immortal Powers

  • Boydos: Madness
  • Burfell: Earth
  • Celsiun: Water, Weather
  • Crones of the South: Luck, Knowledge
  • Culverwood: Plant, Chaos
  • Eberyon: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Fey*
  • Maab: Animal, Plant, Fey*
  • Sargrass: Sun, Plant
  • Vé-Eldfjöll: Fire

Asterix: Wold-Specific Domains