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The Deities of Woldian Games

God Responsibilities Symbol Domains Opposed By
Gods of the Wold
Alemi Health Open Hands, Glyph of Health Healing, Good, Protection, Artifice, Nobility Marteaus
  PrCs: Healer, Fixer, Paragon
Domi Courage, War Weapons, Anvil, Shield Artifice, Protection, Strength, War Ga'al
  PrCs: Protector, Hand of Domi
Flower Love, Family Flower, Glyph of Love Community, Good, Healing, Giving* Caeroldra
  PrCs: Server, Troubadour
Pantheon Justice, Fairness Gavel Community, Law, Knowledge, Insight* Jancassis
  PrCs: Justicar, Oathbound
Ffloy Hard Work, Commerce Scale, Glyph of Commerce Knowledge, Protection, Rune, Trade* Wardd
  PrCs: Venturer, Oathbound
Gargul Life, Death, Souls Open Eye Darkness, Glory, Insight*, Repose, Travel
  PrCs: Undead Hunter, Grim, Soulseeker
Gods of Testing
Marteaus Disease Glyph of Disease Daath, Destruction, Evil, Disease*, Magic Alemi
  PrCs: Diseased, Tempered, Refined
Ga'al Domination Heartseed Community, Law, War, Domination* Domi
  PrCs: Zealot, Inquisitor
Caeroldra Passion Amphora Magic, Chaos, Charm*, Luck Flower
  PrCs: Hand of Love, Obsessed
Jancassis Revenge Helix, Vermin Liberation, Trickery, Hunting*, Venom* Pantheon
  PrCs: Avenger, Stinger
Wardd Chance, Luck Clover, Glyph of Luck Luck, Chaos, Liberation, Madness Ffloy
  PrCs: Mendicant, Obsessed
Gargul Death, Life, Souls Open Eye Darkness, Glory, Insight*, Repose, Travel
  PrCs: Undead Hunter, Grim, Soulseeker

Note: Domains marked with an asterix are Wold-exclusive. See the god's write-up for details.

Fair Warnings

All the rules for the new Gods of the Wold are subject to revision as needed, especially if errors or imbalances show up during play. The Gods of Testing may not be used by player characters without permission from the Campaign DM. Some prestige classes are not available to player characters. Note that evil PCs are never allowed in the Wold.

Clerics in the Wold

There are three kinds of clergy in the Wold. Note that these restrictions apply only to Clerics.

The Devoted Cleric

The cleric honors one of the Gods of the Wold, and adheres to their philosophy. Such clerics work to further their god's aims in the world. They choose their two domains from their deity's domain list.

The Votary Cleric

This character honors an immortal power, that is, a potent being who is not a god but who is is nonetheless open to veneration and honor.

  • No access to high level spells -- Aside from domain spells, immortal powers can grant clerics only 7th level spells and lower. These clerics with 8th and 9th level slots can use them to cast lower level spells, possibly enhanced with metamagic feats, and for spontaneous casting of curing spells.
  • Only one domain -- The votary cleric gains only one domain, not two. The domain must be chosen from those the immortal power grants.
  • Gaining gifts -- The votary cleric receives "gifts" which are special class abilities, and which generally grow in power as the cleric gains levels. Each immortal power offers different gifts.

The Pantheon Devotee

These clerics bring whole pantheons to parishioners of the Wold. Rather than choosing the worship of a single god they revere a pantheon of gods for the qualities that they collectively represent. They preach not only the individual virtues of each god in the pantheon, but also how that god fits into the whole. They strive to bring understanding of this whole to their worshipers and to explain why this whole is virtuous in and of itself and greater than the sum of its parts.

These clerics pick either the Pantheon of the Gods of the Wold, or the Pantheon of the Gods of Testing (with CDM permission). They may choose their domains from any in the core rule book, but may not choose Woldian unique domains. They must still meet the requirements for alignment based domains.


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