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Who is she?

Queen of the Fey, Ruler of the Vales of Twilight in the center of the Lands of Rest. In the first age of the Wold, she was the consort of Eberyon, and she aided him in creating the many animals and plants of the Wold. But she betrayed the King in the end and helped cast him and the Wold's Cradle into a long sleep. She remained neutral as pantheon succeeded pantheon, and she now makes her home in the Lands of Rest, where she separates the domain of the Gods of the Wold from the domain of the Gods of Testing. She is honored by all the fey, although a great many have left her courts to return to the Wold's Cradle where the awakened Ebryon has re-established his rule.

Queen Maab has been known to appear as a silver dragon, and many good dragons respect her.

Geographic Region:

Vales of Twilight, all natural places in the Wold. She lives in the Vales of Twilight, which are treacherous for mortals to navigate without aid. Seers say that all the dreams of mortals begin there, and those who wander the vales may find themselves enmeshed in beautiful visions or trapped in nightmare. However, she has not abandoned the Wold, and she remains aware of many things that happen in natural places. Sages have speculated that clerics of Maab should be able to prepare spells in the Vales of Twilight as well as in the natural Wold, but no known mortal priest of the Fey Queen has reported on the success of such a thing. Rumors say that an ancient ruined elven city-state called Fae Skiemir may be located in the Vales of Twilight; some heroes have found a way to it through the Valley of Humiliation, west of Plateau City.

Relative Strength:

Great. She has grown in power and majesty over the ages of the Wold, and earned the respect of the gods, although she has never been counted among them.


Animal,Plant, Fey

Maab's Gift ("Dominion over Flora and Fauna"):

+1 on skill and ability checks to sense, influence, and attack animals, plants, and magical beasts. Rises to +2 at 5th level, +3 at 10th, +4 at 15th.

Favored Weapon

Sickle -- The power who created the Wold’s plants uses a farmer’s and gardener’s tool, and so do her clerics.