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Who is it?

The embodiment of the life-force of the Sargrass Plains

There was once a vast reservoir of Woldsblood under the Sargrass Plains. But that was spilled, and the deluge of Woldsblood not only awakened the Sargrass as an immortal power, but entwined the newborn power with the Realm of Shadows. The Sargrass is only beginning to come to terms with its new divinity.

Geographic region

The Sargrass Plains, and the part of the Realm of Shadows that is close by the Southern Continent

Relative Strength



Sargrass Gift ("Gifts of the Plains")

Level 1: The votary cleric gains the Grasswalk feat and Endure Elements, cast as a spell-like ability once a day, self only.

Level 5: The cleric gains the wildshape ability of a druid, usable once per day, and only to the shape of a Prairie Swallow.

Level 10: The cleric can wildshape twice per day, into the form of a Prairie Swallow or a Baccke.

Level 15: The cleric can wildshape thrice per day, into the form of a Prairie Swallow, a Baccke, or a Rapke.

Favored Weapon

Net -- Weaving is central to life on the plains, and a net woven of Sargrass is the natural weapon for clerics of the Sargrass.